Nikon NIS-Elements C


Extended Resolution


Dedicated interface for Nikon’s confocal and multiphoton systems, providing easy instrument setup and streamlined operation. Incorporates many of the features of NIS-Elements AR for advanced acquisition, image processing, analysis, visualization and data sharing capability.

High Resolution

Image resolution is defined as the smallest distance between 2 points that can be resolved. The theoretical limit of resolution for a conventional optical microscope is approximately 200nm. Using Nikon's unique image processing technology, image resolution can be increased beyond that of a conventional confocal image (~ 1.5 times improvement in XY; ~1.7 times improvement in Z).

Standard confocal image
Enhanced Resolution image

Apical surfaces of auditory epithelia of mouse cochleae were stained by Atto-565-phalloidin at postnatal day 2.


Zebrafish lens at 5 dpf. Nuclei (green) and actin filaments (red) are visualized with Cytox-green and Rhadamine-conjugated phalloidin, respectively.

Online Deconvolution

3D and 2D deconvolution modules for improving image quality is available. Upload your image to our NIS-Elements deconvolution test site to see the difference.


*Photos and videos courtesy of Nikon official website

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Intelligent Acquisition System

With Nikon microscope and software NIS-Elements, our high content imaging streamlines high-speed imaging and simple operations.


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