Nikon N-SIM

Super-Resolution Microscope System

New era in Super-Resolution


Achieves acquisition speeds of up to 15 fps, enabling fast biological processes to be captured at twice the spatial resolution of conventional light microscopes (up to 115nm in XY).


N-SIM E is a streamlined, affordable super-resolution system that provides double the resolution of conventional light microscopes. Combining N-SIM E and a confocal microscope allows you the flexibility to select a location in the confocal image, and easily switch to view it in super-resolution, enabling the acquisition of more detail.


High Speed Super-Resolution Imaging at 15 fps

Growth cone of NG108 cell labeled with GFP-Lifeact for F-actin. Formation of an actin mesh is captured at high-speed. This video shows a comparison with a widefield image.


Two-color TIRF-SIM imaging of growth cone of NG108 cell labeled with Alexa Fluor® 488 for F-actin (green) and Alexa Fluor® 555 for microtubules (orange)

Large Field of View

N-SIM S can acquire super-resolution images with a large field of view of 66 µm square. This larger imaging area enables very high throughput for applications/samples that benefit from larger fields of view, such as a neurons, reducing the amount of time and effort required to obtain data.

High Flexibility


Plasma membrane of B16 melanoma cell labeled with YFP


Enables Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence observation at double the resolution of conventional TIRF microscopes, facilitating a greater understanding of molecular interactions at the cell surface.


The 3D-SIM mode generates structured illumination patterns in three dimensions to deliver a two-fold improvement in lateral and axial resolutions.

Dendritic spine in mouse hippocampal neuron expressing GFP. Quantitative spine analysis with Z-stack of 3D-SIM

Slice reconstruction is suitable for imaging living cells at specific depths, as it allows axial super-resolution imaging with optical sectioning at 300 nm resolution. Stack reconstruction, based on Gustafsson’s theory, is suitable for acquisition of volume data as it can image thicker specimens with higher contrast than slice reconstruction.

*Photos and videos courtesy of Nikon official website

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