Nikon ECLIPSE Ti2 Series

Inverted Microscope

Leading Platform for Advanced Imaging

See More and Get More than Before

Motorized and intelligent model for advanced imaging applications.

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Manual model with Intelligent features.

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Basic, manual model ideal for a variety of research applications.

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Large Field of View

Expand Your Vision

25mm Large Field of View

There is an increasing demand for faster data acquisition and higher throughput capabilities. The Ti2, with its unprecedented 25mm field of view, provides the next level of scalability, enabling researchers to truly maximize the utility of large-format detectors and future-proof their core imaging platform as camera technologies continue to develop at a rapid pace.

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Perfect Focus

Nikon Perfect Focus System (PFS)

Nikon PFS automatically corrects focus drift caused by temperature changes and mechanical vibrations. The PFS maintains focus by detecting and tracking the position of the coverslip surface in real-time. It can be applied to Live Cell Imaging and keep the cells sample in focus over time.

Powerful Software

Get the Most Out of your Experiment

Nikon envisions all of our customers to be able to image and utilize each system component at its maximum performance. Run the fastest timelapse possible to meet the imaging needs of science or be able to shutter, make stage movements, capture Z, and stay in focus while not disrupting the life events that you want to explore and study.

AI Functions

Uses artificial intelligence to automatically remove blur from fluorescence microscope images, leaving behind the in-focus structures, and can be used on any widefield 2D or 3D data set, detector, or magnification, without the need for AI training or introduction of bias from complicated user-settings.

Can be trained to predict what the second channel would look like when only the first channel is acquired. Also, can be used as a segmentation tool for label-free approaches, or imaging without harmful near-UV excitation. Throughput of acquisition as well as specimen viability both increase as a result.

By tracing features of interest and training these compared to the underlying image, the neural network can learn and apply segmentation to similar images, recognizing features previously only identifiable by painstaking manual tracing approaches.

High Flexibility

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Intelligent Acquisition System

With Nikon microscope and software NIS-Elements, our high content imaging streamlines high-speed imaging and simple operations. Nikon software provides a dedicated interface for high content acquisition and analysis routines.

Without the need to adjust the focusing method, wavelengths, filters, and camera settings, it is easier to process alongside your research quickly and effortlessly. 

Ti2-A Introduction Video

🌟Manual Microscope BUT INTELLIGENT
🌟Nikon Inverted Microscope ECLIPSE Ti2-A

▶️Interaction between Microscope and PC
▶️Software controllable XY and Focus
▶️Auto-detect of Objective and Filter Positions
▶️Convenient Acquisition of Time Lapse, Stitching, Multi-channel,         and Multi-position

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High Content Imaging

A study of living cells using microscopy to obtain a better understanding of biological function through the study of cellular dynamics.

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Fluorescence itself is a form of luminescence that results from matter emitting light of a certain wavelength after absorbing electromagnetic radiation. Fluorescence Imaging help visualize biological processes taking place in a living organism.

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Neurobiology / Optogenetics

Is the study of the nervous system. The scope of neuroscience has broadened over time to include different approaches, such as optogenetics, a biological technique to control the activity of neurons or other cell types with light. This is achieved by the expression of light-sensitive ion channels, pumps, or enzymes specifically in the target cells.

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