Freely Behaving Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics 

Futureproof Technology in Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics

Simultaneous Cellular-resolution Optogenetics & Calcium Imaging in Freely-behaving Animals

OASIS Implant aims to maximize microscope performance and optimize behaviour of the animal.

Instead of miniaturizing and placing the microscope on the animal – thereby limiting the microscope’s features and the animal’s behaviour – we kept the microscope off the animal’s head by using an imaging fiber.

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Investigate Multiple Brain Regions Simultaneously

imultaneous calcium imaging in the hippocampus (HPC) and prefrontal cortex (PFC) using the OASIS Implant (Courtesy of UCSF).

The OASIS Implant uses a bifurcated imaging fiber that connects to multiple GRIN lenses, allowing researchers to perform imaging and optogenetics in multiple brain regions simultaneously.

Fiber Photometry and Cellular-Resolution Calcium Imaging with One System

GCaMP in vivo calcium imaging in a mouse using the OASIS Implant (Courtesy of Alexxai Kravitz, Washington University in St. Louis).

The OASIS Implant is capable of both population-level calcium imaging using fiber photometry and cellular-resolution calcium imaging. Perform exploratory research using fiber photometry, and delve in deeper to understand the patterns of individual neuron firing.

Link Neural Activity and Behaviour

GCaMP calcium imaging in a freely-behaving mouse using the OASIS Implant (Courtesy of Alexxai Kravitz, Washington University in St. Louis).

Using the OASIS Implant, imaging and optogenetics data can be synchronized with external behaviour cameras and behaviour equipment using the included IO control box to link neural activity and behavioural events.

*Photos and video courtesy of MIGHTEX official website

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