Spinning Disk Confocal

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High-sectioning and High-speed in 25mm Large Field of View makes X-Light V3 capable for the modern fluorescence microscopy applications.  

The first confocal unit which allows dual camera imaging at the full field of view of 25 mm on both cameras.


Large image of a day 50 human
cerebral organoid

Ultra Large Field of View

Micro-lenses make the illumination field highly homogeneous on large fields
of view (up to 25mm). With large FOV and high-speed imaging
(15,000 rpm), quantitative imaging on large samples becomes more

Flexible switching between different illumination sizes to fit your application.
Achieving higher power density for higher speed imaging (1KHz) is
possible by changing to a smaller illumination area.


Full Compatibility

- Microscope (Nikon Motorized Inverted Microscope Ti2-E, with 25mm FOV)
- Illuminators (Lumencor)
- Detectors (Andor)
- Software (Nikon NIS-Elements)


Brain organoid derived from human iPSC line (MAP2-AF488, labels microtubules in neuronal dendrites, TBR1-AF750 labels nuclear
transcription factor, and DAPI stains DNA

Dual Camera

Dual camera imaging at the 25mm full field of view on both cameras


Sealed Spinning Disk Box

Makes the Spinning disk fully isolated and protected from environmental dust and prevents undesired artifacts related to the presence of small dust particles on the Spinning disk surface

*Photos and Videos courtesy of CrestOptics official website

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