Holotomographic Microscopy 

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What is Holotomographic
(3D Holographic) Microscopy  ?

Tomocube utilize optical diffraction tomography (ODT) to measure the 3D and 4D refractive index (RI) tomogram, enabling users to observe label-free quantitative bioimaging


HT-1 / HT-2

New era for 3D label-free live cell imaging

Label-free live cell imaging

Make use of Holotomographic
(3D Holographic) Microscopy, allowing users to perform quantitative, label-free measurements of live, unstained cells and tissue samples

System Flexibility

The HT-1 can be upgraded easily to the HT-2 (fluorescence version)

Possible to provides high-quality 3D holotomography and fluorescence images for each sample simultaneously, accompanied with quantitative data

Customized analysis software platform

With TomoStudio™, an user can color code the image according to refractive index and identify various types of quantitative data such as Dry mass (pg), Surface Area (㎛²) and dynamic membrane fluctuation


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