Nanosurface Biomedical

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What is Nanoscale Topography  ?

Nanosurface Biomedical utilize biomimetic
surface topography to provide a cellular microenvironment
that mimics the aligned architecture of the native extracellular


NanoSurface Cultureware

Link Cells with Nanoscale Topography

High-quality Imaging 

Applicable to high-magnification, high-NA transmitted light and fluorescence microscopy. No spectral loss across commonly used fluorophores

Reproducibly Structured Cell Cultures

Highly uniform, precise, and accurate nanopatterns ensure that the results are consistent from plate to plate

Biomimetic Technology

Nanopatterned culture surface mimics the aligned architecture of the extracellular matrix


Product Specifications

Product TypeApproximate Pattern Growth Area (cm2)Total Well Volume (μL)Working Volume (μL)
12 mm Coverglass (50-pack)1.13--
25mm Coverglass (50-pack)4.90--
35mm Single Dish (10-pack)3.14170003000
6-well Plate3.14170003000
24-well Plate1.6534001000
96-well Plate0.33360200

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