A1 HD25 / A1R HD25

Nikon's confocal microscope that captures images with a 25 mm field of view, observing more than before in confocal resolution

Ground- breaking 25mm FOV

Accompanied with Ti2-E inverted microscope, the imaging area of the A1 HD25 / A1R HD25 is nearly twice the conventional FOV of 18 mm, enabling the user to obtain significantly more data by capturing more in each shot

Fewer total images required for stitching

The large 25 mm FOV of the A1 HD25 / A1R HD25 reduces both the required number of images for stitching and image acquisition times, enabling efficient, high-throughput imaging

Customized analysis software platform

NIS-Elements C-ER control software enables integrated control of the confocal imaging system, microscope and peripheral devices with a simple and intuitive interface 

Enhanced spectral detectors

A1-DUS Spectral Detector Unit for fast and accurate spectral imaging, while A1-DUVB-2 GaAsP Detector Unit for bright spectral imaging                       

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A1R HD25

Incorporates both an ultrahigh-speed resonant scanner and a high-resolution galvano scanner

Ultra-fast and high-definition resonant scanner

Allowing ultrafast imaging of up to 720 fps (512 x 16 pixels) & high resolution 1K image in large FOV (1024 x 1024 pixels (15 fps) in 25mm FOV)



Recognize and removes shot noise from resonant confocal images and can be performed in real-time, increasing clarity and allowing for shorter exposure times



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