the first Frequency Domain FLIM camera using a two tap CMOS sensor

pco.flim, designed and manufactured by PCO, is a cutting-edge system that enables users to analyse luminescence decay times in the range of 100 ps – 100 µs, covering the largest range of lifetimes. 

  • Large range of lifetimes  - Measure lifetimes in the range of 100 ps – 100 µs 
  • High-speed imaging  - pco.flim reads out 45 double frames/s at a max with its 1008 x 1008 pixels resolution
  • Easy to apply - compatible with Nikon's NIS-Elements, with the use of C-mount and USB 3.0 interface

  1. Luminescence Lifetime Imaging of Chemical Sensors e.g. Oxygen, pH
  2. Fluorescence-guided Neurosurgery - Tumor tissue is clearly distinguished from the shorter autofluorescence of the normal tissue

and so on......

"We believe the pco.flim system will be able to do
this and has the potential to be broadly applied in chemical


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