Microscope Camera DS-Fi3

5.9-megapixel color camera providing low-noise, high-resolution imaging, fast live display and superior color reproduction.

High definition imaging

Equipped with a 5.9 megapixel CMOS image sensor, DS-Fi3 enables the capture of high-definition images of up to 2880 x 2048 pixels. USB3.0 data transfer allows fast focusing even in high resolution imaging and effective image acquisition

Superior color reproduction

Nikon is well known for outstanding and lifelike color reproduction, and developing superior algorithms for creating results that look like the actual samples. These algorithms are used in all of the color cameras in the digital sight lineup

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Microscope Camera DS-Ri2

16.25-megapixel color digital camera, offering accurate color rendition and fast frame rates.

High resolution imaging

The DS-Ri2 enables one-shot instantaneous capture and fast storage of images with resolution as high as 4908 x 3264 pixels, without pixel shifting or pixel stepping

High speed live display

The DS-Ri2 can display 4908 x 3264 pixel (full-pixel) images at 6 fps, or 1636 x 1088 pixel (3 x 3 pixel averaging) images at 45 fps. This fast live frame rate makes fine focusing easy to perform


Monochrome Microscope Camera DS-QI2

16.25-megapixel, high-resolution monochrome microscope camera capturing high-sensitivity, low-noise images.

High sensitivity and Low noise

7.3µm pixels, high quantum efficiency (77%) , and very low read noise (2.2 electrons read noise) allow the DS-Qi2 to even read faint fluorescent signals.

Time-lapse photography

With a large field of view, high pixel density, and low noise, the DS-Qi2 is ideal for time-lapse imaging experiments.



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