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Mightex Polygon1000 Multiwavelength Pattern Illumination System

The Polygon1000 pattern illuminators are designed and produced by Mightex Systems specifically for applications such as - optogenetics, photoactivation, and photostimulation, to deliver precise light patterns to the area of interest to stimulate or silence selected neurons

The requirement for precise spatial, temporal, and spectral control of light is vital for several cutting-edge scientific applications (such as optogenetics, photoactivation, uncaging, and photostimulation etc.). Patterned illumination provides scientists with these fine-tuned capabilities that are not possible with wide-field illumination. In particular, precise control of light is crucial for the highly advancing field of optogenetics.

Key Features

Larger Field-of-View

New large DMD chip combined with interchangeable front tube optics (1x & 2x*) enables larger field-of-view without comprising resolution and power

* 2X front tube lens sold separately

Market-leading Speed 

Increased maximum frame rate means better temporal resolution for advanced physiologically-relevant experiments and virtually simultaneous 2-colour illumination of distinct ROIs

Faster uploading time

Faster uploading time, up to 4ms uploading speed per frame, allows the Polygon1000 to perform real-time pattern illumination for closed-loop experiments


Enable to coupled into the infinity space of any microscope model with Mightex’s microscope-specific adapters, MPI multi-port illuminator, and Nikon's LAPP modular illumination system


Meet the Mightex Polygon1000 Family

Standard Polygon1000 (G)

Applications: Neuroscience Optogenetics, Cell Biology Optogenetics, Photoactivation, Photoconversion

Fiber-coupled Polygon1000 (DL)

Applications: In Vivo Optogenetics, Cortex-Wide Optogenetics, Photoactivation

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