LED Illumination Devices

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pE-300 Series

Award-winning LED Illumination Systems for An Variety of Applications

Long Lifetime & Stability 

The lifetime of LEDs is more than 25,000 hrs, and intensity remains broadly constant throughout its life, providing a steady & repeatable light source

Individual channel selection 

The 3-channel control pod allows selection and control of excitation wavelength to
minimise bleaching by exciting only the markers you are using. 
(for pE-300white and pE-300ultra ONLY)

Brighter Than Before

The NEW Enhanced pE-300 Series is now possible to view and image your samples brighter than the former one

Environment- friendly

Compares to other LED technology that uses 120 to 350 Watts, all 3 channels at full power use just 46 Watts in The NEW Enhanced pE-300 Series. 
Mercury-free & No bulb replacement


pE-100 Series 

Simple & compact LED illumination
developed for applications requiring a
single LED excitation wavelength

Customized LED excitation wavelength

User can specify any of CoolLED’s pE-100 LED wavelengths, from the near-UV at 365nm to the near-IR at 770nm 


Mercury-free, long Lifetime, no bulb replacement and high efficiency



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