Clinical and laboratory microscope featuring LED illumination to provide stress-free, easy operation even during prolonged observation

Bright and Uniform Eco-illumination

Eco-illumination is a low-power-consuming, eco-friendly illumination system that produces uniform brightness with long life IR-free high-luminescent LED which significantly minimizes eyestrain for users


Patented In-Line Focusing

The Eclipse Ci Series offers Nikon’s unmatched patented in-line focusing where the stage handle and focus controls are positioned in-line for maximum ergonomics. This enables you to sit square and straight during operation with wrists resting comfortably on the countertop

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Digital Pathology at your finger tips. ECLIPSE Ci series microscopes can be connected to remote PCs via a DS-L4 to enable remote viewing, online education, and distance collaboration

Designed for your comfort

The ability to add riser tubes for height adjustment to the unique tilting and telescopic capabilities ensures that the microscope fits you perfectly rather than you being forced to fit the microscope (move curser over images to find out more)


Tilting Telescopic with  inclined from 10° to 30° inclination adapts to Your Body Type.


Extention up to 40 mm reduces neck strain.


Eyelevel riser lifts the eyepiece tube in 25 mm increments to suit all body lengths.



A compact polarizing microscope that balances optical performance and ease of use

Both diascopic and episcopic polarizing observation are possible

Switchable conoscopic/orthoscopic observations 

Built-in focusable Bertrand lens and analyzer removable from optical path

Built-in analyzer: with plate/compensator slot

Reversed centering quintuple nosepiece

Up to 5 objectives can be mounted and all objective positions are centerable. Use the same DIN standard compensator slot design as the LV100N POL to accept various compensators for advanced quantitative measurements



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