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 Achieving a resolution 10 times greater than a conventional optical microscope 

What is STOchastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM)?

Reconstruct a super-resolution image by combining prcise localization information of individual fluorophores, instead of exciting all fluorophores in conventional fluorescent microscopy 



10 times the redolution of conventional optical microscopes 

10-fold Improvement of Lateral Resolution up to 20nm, and Axial Resolution up to 50nm

HD images with High Density

The newly developed illumination magnifying lens, improved laser excitation efficiency and use of sCMOS camera successfully enhance the density of molecules per unit area and provide much clearer images 

Multi-Color Imaging Capability

Carried out using both activator-reporter pairs for sequential activation imagingand activator-free labels for continuous activation imaging.

Customized analysis software platform

Manual setting of N-STORM image processing, reconstrution and analysis are carried out using the N-STORM module in our cross-platform imaging software NIS-Elements


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