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Easily double the limit to resolve structures at high speed

What is Structured illumination microscopy (SIM)?

Analytical processing of multiple moiré pattern, formed by overlaying high spatial frequency pattern, creates super-resolution images



Twice the Resolution of Conventional Optical microscopes

Achieve super resolution of up to 115 nm in multiple colors with Nikon's renowned CFI Apo TIRF 100x oil objective lens (N.A. 1.49)

Fast Image acquisition time

Capable of 15 frame per second super resolution imaging, enabling the study of dynamic interaction in living cells

Multiple observation modes

Automatic switching between illumination modes enables TIRF-SIM imaging as well as multiplexing of different SIM modalities:  2D & 3D-SIM imaging
5-color super-resolution imaging is also possible in N-SIM

Customized analysis software platform

Manual setting of N-SIM image processing, reconstrution and analysis are carried out using the N-SIM module in our cross-platform imaging software NIS-Elements



Streamlined, affordable super-resolution system supporting only essential, commonly used excitation wavelengths and imaging modes, making it an obvious choice for individual labs

Same high resolution of as the N-SIM

Double the spatial resolution of conventional optical microscopes (to approximately 115 nm)

3-color Multi-Laser Super-Resolution Capability

Allow super-resolution imaging in multiple colors

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