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Mightex Polygon400 Multiwavelength Patterned Illumination Systems

The Polygon400 patterned illuminators are designed and produced by Mightex Systems specifically for applications such as - optogenetics, photoactivation, and photostimulation, to deliver precise light patterns to the area of interest to stimulation or silence selected neurons.

The requirement for precise spatial, temporal, and spectral control of light is vital for several cutting-edge scientific applications (such as optogenetics, photoactivation, uncaging, and photostimulation etc.). Patterned illumination provides scientists with these fine-tuned capabilities that are not possible with wide-field illumination. In particular, precise control of light is crucial for the highly advancing field of optogenetics. Patterned illumination enables optogenetic control of sub-cellular, single-cell, and multiple cell activity by precisely delivering light of different colors, with high spatial and temporal resolution, to stimulate or silence neurons. These features, combined with independent or simultaneous control of cellular activity at different locations, will facilitate our functional understanding of single-cell activity and neural circuits.

Meet the Mightex Polygon400 Family

Standard Polygon400 (E-Series, G-Series)

Applications: Optogenetics, photoactivation, photostimulation, photopatterning, calcium imaging.

Dense Pixel Polygon400 (DP)

Applications: Uncaging, photobleaching, Super Resolution Microscopy, optogenetics, photoactivation, photostimulation, photopatterning, calcium imaging.

Fiber-coupled Polygon400 (DL)

Applications: High intensity or large field of view (FOV) imaging.

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